Bring DDMRP to Microsoft Dynamics

Why is DDMRP for  Dynamics a perfect fit?

We will explain how companies using our add-on in Microsoft Dynamics companies on average save 37% inventory. Hard to believe?

We will explain how we help to achieve this further down.

What is DDMRP for MS dynamics?

In collaboration with our partner, we offer their products integrated into MS Dynamics or Dynamics 365. The software is certified by Microsoft and helps to integrate DDMRP into your current ERP system.

The trick of this software is a connection with your Dynamics environment. You will work from the same add-on for your entire project planning. No Excel worksheets are required.

The DDMRP methodology helps to shorten Lead times by decoupling your supply chain. Decoupling points will act as flow buffers to promote flow in your supply chainRead more about flow.

A new software package added to Dynamics?

Yes, the new software will enable players to control their goods and inventory based on DDMRP logic. The software will tell what to order. The planner will know why. Once the order is approved, the order is sent back to Dynamics. This way, there is no delay between departments that use dynamics or the add-on enabling your business with the best of DDMRP.

Are you wondering if DDMRP for Dynamics can benefit your company?  

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