DDMRP is about real customer orders driving Demand Driven MRP planning and execution.

Service level

Consistently high customer service level performance


Inventory reduction of 15% to 40%


Higher Return on Assets (ROA)

Lower cost

Reduced cost for ordering and carrying inventory.


Real customer orders trigger the planning and execution processes for the required materials. Together with relevant information about processes, suppliers, and capacity, DDMRP contributes to synchronized material flow. This synchronization results in stable processes with a minimum of rescheduling and emergency changes. Most companies can benefit from Demand Driven in their company by lowering inventory, raising on-time delivery, and lead time reduction.

DDMRP is a layered approach, in which customer orders trigger the top-down planning of materials following the levels of the Bill of Material. Flow is supported by flow buffers, based on process, product, and capacity parameters. The buffers are dynamically sized based changes in these parameters. Customer-order-driven DDMRP works with clear priorities for planning as well as execution.

We offer support to companies who are starting with, or expanding their demand driven journey. We have advisors that have specialized knowledge about steps needed to implement Demand Driven in any kind of business.

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Becoming Demand Driven