Demand Driven Roadmap

We support organizations on their Demand Driven journey from initial interest to after implementation support. During the journey, we like to learn more about your company, like processes, lead times, and inventories. Each phase of the Roadmap is a decision point whether to move forward to the next stage or not.

We offer guidance to your implementation process and relevant training for your employees to become Demand Driven.

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To become aware of how DDMRP can add value to your organization, we offer workshops. Awareness is an essential element of change management. Together, we will look at how each of the workshops could contribute to the success of the implementation. Your company can choose from two different types of workshops. One workshop aims to create management awareness of the impact of DDMRP on the company processes. The other workshop is a simulation for employees to experience how DDMRP works. It is possible to choose one or both of these workshops.

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Proof of Value          

We will assess the inventory flows for raw materials, work in process, and finished goods. This information will be used to prioritize the inventory data to include in the Proof of Value. With this data set, we will simulate the DDMRP logic and quantify the effects of DDMRP on existing inventory levels, service levels, costs, and return on assets. We support you with generating a business case for the Proof of Concept.

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Proof of Concept 

This phase results in a partial (pilot) implementation of DDMRP. We can set up the pilot using solutions from one of our software partners. Employees involved in this stage will be trained in Demand Driven concepts and the use of the software. In collaboration, we will determine the evaluation criteria and the desirable outcomes of the pilot. The result of the Proof of Concept will be evaluated against the evaluation criteria.

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The decision to rollout DDMRP will be followed by an implementation schedule. Before the start of the implementation, management decides on the software solution to apply. Those who are involved in Demand Driven planning and execution will be trained in the Demand Driven concepts and the use of the software. We will actively guide you in the implementation process.

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Optimizing the Demand Driven Processes

The final step of the implementation consists of fine-tuning the parameters of the Demand Driven model. The continuous improvement process will be formalized in this stage. The optimization process has a significant impact on the return on investment of the project. We can help identify improvement opportunities

After the implementation project, we are available for ongoing support.