Demand Driven Training

To get started with DDMRP, it is important to understand and know about the concepts. We offer multiple training options, from awareness sessions to an in-depth course about the Demand Driven methods.

Demand Driven Planner

Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) improves the flow of goods triggered by real customer demand. It works with strategically positioned buffers to absorb variability in demand and supply and thereby enhances flow. Application of DDMRP results in shorter lead times, more stable processes, lower inventory levels, and lower costs. You can apply the concept to any environment with variability in demand, supply, and internal processes. For more information about the content of the training, please visit

Demand Driven Leader

Demand Driven Leader focuses on improving the flow of goods, triggered by real customer orders. The training is intended for supply chain professionals who want to implement DDMRP concepts within the Demand Driven S&OP process. You will learn how to plan materials, manage bottleneck operations, and optimally use excess capacity. All these can contribute to improving the flow of goods and information, resulting in lower inventory investment and costs, while maintaining high levels of customer service. For more information about the content of the training, please visit

Demand Driven Brix

Demand Driven Brix (DDBrix) is a serious game to stimulate teamwork and get employees to become aware of how DDMRP can promote flow. DDBrix is designed to prove the underlying principles of DDMRP. Participants learn how to enhance the flow of information and materials. The game simulates planning with traditional MRP compared to the simulated DDMRP outcomes. From this comparison, we can learn about the impact of flow on inventory investment and inventory costs.