Visie Partners can guide you through the steps of implementing DDMRP, as described in our Roadmap, regardless of the software solution. We have partnerships with the leading DDMRP software providers, for which we can set up the software solution and the interface with your ERP system. We can advise you which software package is suitable for the specific situation and ambition levels of your company.  

Knowledge partners: 

Demand Driven Institute

Visie Partners is an affiliate of Demand Driven Institute (DDI). The mission of DDI is to help companies by providing the Demand Driven framework, which includes DDMRP. As an affiliate, we offer the Demand Driven Planner, Demand Driven Leader, and advanced training programs. Additionally, we can organize workshops to demonstrate the added value of Demand Driven concepts. 


Visie Partners is a Premier Channel Partner as well as a consulting partner of ASCM. With the APICS brand, ASCM is the leading organization in operations and supply chain management education. Globally working companies widely recognize APICS educational programs. ASCM has a collaboration with DDI as recognition of increasing importance of Demand Driven concepts for the operations and supply chain management profession.

Software partners:


B2Wise is a young company and already the fastest-growing in its field. It has a fully DDI compliant integrated supply chain planning software with the name B2Wise. This solution provider is active in a wide range of industries. The team of B2Wise focuses on tailoring the software to the needs of the customer. The solution is an add on to customers' ERP system.  

Demand Driven Technologies

Demand Driven Technologies was the first to offer dedicated Demand Driven software. This software provider is DDI compliant with the planning of materials, inventory, production scheduling, and execution technology. Demand Driven Technologies offers Replenishment+ for inventory management and DBR+ for production planning. The solutions are an add on to any ERP system.  

Orchestr8 (O8)

Orchestr8 has launched DDMRPII™ which have been implemented by companies across 5 continents. O8 offers simple and effective planning using the demand driven methods. These methods protected by an enormous array of key functionality ensure a successful implementation. Its environment is meant to optimize performance, security, and handles multiple customers globally, some with several million transactions per day.

SAP specialist:

McCoy & Partners

McCoy & Partners guides companies during the implementation of the SAP system but is also involved in after sales, support, and maintenance when the SAP system is up and running. This SAP specialist focusses on the software configuration, while Visie Partners gives guidance during the implementation of the Demand Driven processes. Visie Partners can deliver Demand Driven training and coaching as part of the Roadmap.